Rhonda Tower

1. Rhonda raised three boys. You didn’t raise three boys. You can’t raise three boys. It’s too hard. It should be noted that she saw the eldest two boys through no less than 60 ER administered stitches (the youngest was much smarter and kept his total at zero). She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty. She can take care of you.

2. Rhonda once snapped her achilles tendon right in half during a workout called “Death by 10 meters”  and didn’t cry until the physician told her how long she was going to be unable to use her foot. This is an example of… Well I’m not sure what she learned, but it proves she’s much harder than most people you know.

3. Rhonda has been a preschool teacher for the last 18 years. She knows tough love and the power of a good nap and snack time. While she doesn’t suffer fools or have the patience for tantrums in adults, she is well versed in the art of making you do stuff you might not realize is good for you. You will thank her for this later when you look UH-MAHZ-ING in your bathing suit.