Marc Tower

1. As a child Marc nearly burned his backyard down during an exciting gasoline-doused matchbox car exhibition. He paid for his domestic mishap by cutting the affected yard, now hyper fertilized, that summer more days than not. This was an early, ironic lesson in cause and effect where he learned that sometimes you have to break things down to get them to grow better. (Though he didn’t realize it’s applications in Crossfit until much later.)

2. In high school Marc ran track, and he literally threw up very nearly every practice.  He won State in the 800 meter as a sophomore because of this commitment. After that he stopped running in pursuit of other activities. This was a lesson in how uncomfortable achieving goals can be. It was also a lesson in common sense because let’s be real. If you’re throwing up every single day to get a little medal you might want to reevaluate your priorities. Seriously that’s gross. Let’s be smart people.

3. Marc discovered CrossFit after reading an article titled “Get Fit or Die” while standing in a bookstore in Amarillo, Texas. Despite outstanding evidence to the contrary, he thought to himself, “That sounds like fun,”  because Marc understands the value in keeping things fresh and trying new things. He knows that if you’re not getting the results you want it’s because you’re probably not having fun in your fitness plan. Lucky for you, he can get you there.