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Marc  & Rhonda Tower


As a couple, Rhonda and Marc Tower have called Stillwater home for nearly three decades. Rhonda hails from upstate New York where she was raised and eventually played everything from softball and volleyball to field hockey. Marc was raised in Stillwater as a baseball player and long distance runner before beginning college, leaving college,moving to Wyoming, joining the army to fly helicopters, moving back to Oklahoma, going back to college, re-joining the army? (the author is unclear on this chain of events). They met at a wedding in their very early twenties, got engaged some three weeks later, and the rest is as they say, history.

Even after marriage though, their passion for fitness and performance never really retreated. When their children grew up and the void of coaching teams and earning “sportsmanship awards” grew too great to bear, the husband and wife duo found CrossFit and the community it provides and never looked back. But being mere participants wasn’t enough. Since joining the CrossFit fold Marc has earned his CrossFit Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Endurance, and USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach certificates (in addition to his USA Track and Field Level 1 title), and Rhonda has earned her CrossFit Level 1 & 2, CrossFit Kids, USA Weightlifting Level 1 Sport Performance Coach certificates.

If you’re looking to find fitness, drop weight, get stronger, lose the gut, or if you just want an expert trainer, you’ll find two passionate coaches with the technical proficiencies and experience-based chops to help you reach your goals.

If, however, for some crazy reason, this isn’t enough to convince you that Red Dirt CrossFit should be your health and fitness home then read on.

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